1. Interesting questions for an interesting story!
    I imagined the tower to be about on the taller side, about 4 stories, or clock-towerish.
    In my mind, Frieda has on a drop-waist purple dress and yellow tights.
    But logic tells me she’s /probably/ wearing fiery colored robes. :)
    Thanks for sharing this great bit of flash!

    • KingDork

      Thanks for reading and commenting, this means the number of people reading these things has at least *doubled*!

      (To 2, if that’s not obvious…)

      Actually, I’ve had three people give answers to the questions in one channel or another so far. Two out of the three seem to agree with the “about 4 stories” estimate for the tower height. (The third had been in the middle of reading a bunch of stuff about castles and was guessing twice as tall). About 4 stories is also what I had in *my* head, so I think I’m not doing anything blatantly wrong with how I’ve described the scene in that regard.

      If it matters, I was picturing Frieda and her mother wearing loose-fitting tunics and pants made of some sort of light cloth. My brain can’t decide whether Frieda’s clothes would be a light-grey/white with some red trim, or a dull red with yellow trim.

      Thanks again! I’ll hopefully have something else to post Real Soon Now if you feel like reading any more.

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