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    The Story So Far:

    We’re still in the sort of “prologue” phase, setting things up for the inevitable conscription of the PCs as Adventurers, in hopes that we can get at least one or two more players in here before the first actual “adventure” scenario begins.

    Half-elven Alchemist Elmny Oldir came to the village of Venison Heights a few years ago, found an abandoned cabin at the edge of the Brightly Woods 6-8 hours’ hike out of town, and moved into it. There, he works on some sort of alchemical experimentation and makes a living trading plant essences and minor alchemical concoctions for food and supplies.

    Our campaign begins with Elmny coming to town on an early-Autumn morning hitching a ride with Blargh (the village’s orcishDire-Man cheesemaker), after trading some flavoring-herb extracts for a bag of cheeses.

    On the way into the village, he’d spotted one of the priests at the village’s temple to the Nature Spirits pushing a large statue of a stag backwards back into the temple, leaning to suggest it was being pushed back up onto a platform it was supposed to sit on.

    Once in the village, Elmny stopped in at the “Genral Stor”[sic] and sold the elderly proprietor a vial of pest-repellant. The transaction was unremarkable except for Ebenezer (the proprietor) tripping on some merchandise, painfully but fortunately not suffering any serious injury.

    Next, Elmny visited Ursula, the village farrier, to sell an experimental iron-treatment potion he’d been comissioned to work on. Just before he’d reached the door of Ursula’s workshop, he’d heard her hit her thumb with her hammer, resulting in some momentary drama.

    Finally, Elmny had headed to the Stag-in-Stupor to deliver bundles of gruit to Lars, the brewmaster. He’d pulled the door open and stepped inside, when a gust of wind had apparently blown the swinging door back in, hitting him somewhat painfully in the back and nearly knocking him over. Apparently, this sort of thing had been happening to a lot of people coming into the Stag-in-Stupor.

    Elmny is probably about to ask where Lars is…

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